Notre Dame fans react to national championship loss

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Notre Dame fans were on the edge of their seats as they trailed behind Duluth the entire game.

Even though they lost, there were still plenty of fans out on Eddy Street having a beer for good ole Notre Dame, happy to see them be the third team from their school in a national championship in the last couple of weeks.

Fans had their eyes glued to the screen as Notre Dame quickly fell behind and unfortunately stayed there.

Thanks to some last second wins in other championships, many held on to hope until the bitter end.

Some are sad the Irish couldn't sweep all three championships, but others say it was a great season.

"Very sad," Theresa Sedlicek said.

"Just cry a little bit," Mike Stines said. "Move on to next year."

"It's losing at the highest level and our guys have played well all year and I couldn't be happier," Garrett Leahy said.

"I'm going to Minnesota to whoop some ***," Ben Miller said.

As they said, there's always next year, but coming this far is still a great accomplishment for the Fighting Irish.