One-on-one with the director of Notre Dame Day

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) Notre Dame Day is a 29-hour broadcast that celebrates all things Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish family is raising money to support more than 900 student organizations on campus. Many of these organizations have a direct impact in the community, such as Best Buddies, Camp Kessem and Habitat for Humanity.

Newscenter 16's Lindsay Stone caught up with Notre Dame Day Director Matt Gelchion to hear about how this day of giving is making an impact in our community.

He says that donations to Notre Dame Day go well beyond the limits of campus and into our community.

Notre Dame is no stranger to competition, not just in athletics but in raising money. Student groups are competing for the most votes so they can receive the biggest portion of a $1.2 million fund.

To hear more from Gelchoin, watch the video above.