Northridge High School likely to add 3 new sports facilities

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. (WNDU) - You can only do so much with an old, run-down field. With three new ones, well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

For many students at Northridge High School, it has been their dream to have a field they can call their own. On Friday, that dream looks to be coming true.

“We currently share facilities with the middle school. Having separated facilities, both now will have their own,” Middlebury Community Schools Building, Ground and Maintenance Director Jeff Palmer said.

School board members voted unanimously to approve a $15 million plan to bring the high school a new football, baseball and softball facility. Now, the community has 30 days to decide if they oppose the new plan, but school officials say they have a good feeling everything will work out.

“Our community is ready, the high school is ready and so are the athletes,” Superintendent Jane Allen said.

Palmer agreed with Allen, saying, “It has been a pleasant surprise to hear how well it has been received from everyone in the community.”

These three facilities will not be cheap. Tax payers will be a part of making this $15 million contribution happen. However, Allen said she is keeping the promise she made on the very first day on the job: to keep taxes low.

“I promised the folks, when I took over as superintendent, we wouldn’t do any building without making sure we didn’t go above the 2014 tax rate," Allen said.

The facilities will be located in the north lot of Northridge High School. Construction will begin in the summer of 2019 and would be expected to be completed by fall of 2020.

The school will also add new event parking, accessible locker rooms and a new cross-country course.