No, that's not rain on the radar; It's dragonflies!

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Not a drop of rain fell from the sky Tuesday, yet the radar was showing significant signatures in multiple locations over Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania!

Through research and crowd sourcing, the National Weather Service office of Cleveland, Ohio determined that swarms of dragonflies were showing up on the radar.

How could this be? You can understand better if you know how radar works. According to the National Weather Service, doppler radar sends energy in pulses and listens for any returned signal. Often times, the return signal indicates a rain shaft, thunderstorm, or even hail. In rare cases, we can see insects, birds, and even smoke from fires on a radar signature. More:

“While we are not biological experts, we have determined (through input from out followers) that it’s most likely dragonflies mixed with other insects/birds,” the NWS Cleveland said on Twitter.