No Cold Case: People in Delphi continue to hope

Life in Delphi is returning to normal after two girls were murdered in February. But police...
Life in Delphi is returning to normal after two girls were murdered in February. But police continue the hunt for their killer. (WNDU)
Published: May. 2, 2017 at 6:34 PM EDT
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It's been nearly three months since two young girls were murdered outside Delphi, Indiana.

Detectives are still looking for the killer, but with just over three weeks left of school, life is slowly returning to normal in the small town.

The crimes have affected families in many ways; parents are wary of people they don't know and the county sheriff says gun registrations have increased in two months.

But kids in the town remain in good spirits, keeping busy with classes and after school sports.

It’s a pleasant evening for a ballgame in Delphi, where the town’s girls' softball team is enjoying a successful season to the delight of parents.

“There comes a time when you have to get back to normal, whatever normal is,” grandmother Sandy Brown said.

Oracle fans enthusiastically soak up sunshine and youthful energy, just three months after February's horrific crime.

“It just never leaves your mind and never leaves your heart,” Brown said.

“You're always looking over your shoulder right now. Everybody has that edge. They're still scared,” Delphi Schools superintenent Greg Briles said.

Fear remains on people's minds in this small town, knowing a killer has yet to be caught.

“This is not like anything Carroll County has had before,” Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said.

On Valentine's Day, Abby Williams and Libby German were found dead near the Monon High Bridge Trail. Detectives continue combing through tips.

“I'm a man of faith myself. I have faith that God is involved with this investigation. Number two, my faith in the investigators. And three, my faith in this community,” Leazenby said.

“Whatever you thought in those first few days or weeks, it's time to call because we don't have anybody arrested for it,” Libby’s grandfather Mike Patty said.

After three months, police are keeping info close to the vest, including how the girls died. Instead, they continue to share a screenshot of a man in a blue jacket and a short sound clip, in which a man says, “down the hill.”

“We feel strongly the individual or individuals involved in this have been watching this all along. So, we're not going to show all of our cards,” Sheriff Leazenby said.

With over 17,000 tips and evidence being tested, Leazenby says this is no cold case. A reward now offers around around $250,000 for info that leads to an arrest, something the girls' families and police are counting on.

“That's why I'm asking people, no matter how small it is. It may be that vital piece of information that's needed to bring closure to this,” Patty said.

Still, this small town is big on gratitude. Every day passing means summer is drawing near. Leazenby encourages families to continue spending time outside.

“Every student in this community has a watchful eye looking over them,” Briles said.

“It would just be nice to have some closure, but that'll just happen when it happens,” Brown said.

Patty says he's continuing to raise money and support to build a softball diamond and park in the girls' memories.

Anyone with information can call or email the Delphi murder tip line at 844-459-5786.

Sgt. Kim Riley with Indiana State Police says they have about 500 tips remaining, and they investigate around 20 to 30 tips a day.

So far, they've made about 20 unrelated arrests.