Niles schools implementing drug detection sweeps by K-9

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NILES, Mich. (WNDU) - A K-9 drug detection program is now being used in Niles's schools. It launched at Niles High School at the end of last month.

The school teamed up with police for the first walk-through before the first day of school. That helped officers get the dog used to the environment.

Inspections will include parking lots as well as school buildings as part of a drug-free policy on all school grounds.

"We are trying, definitely. We're not reacting to something, we're just trying to be ahead of the curve with the change in the laws and just basically letting the students know we're serious about this," student support services director Tracy Hertsel said. "We're definitely going to be checking."

The district will have unannounced K-9 drug detection screenings at multiple buildings throughout the school year.