Niles school program designed to get kids, their families reading

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NILES, Mich. (WNDU) – A Niles elementary school is implementing a program to get children reading aloud at home.

Howard-Ellis Elementary School is getting kids reading with its One School, One Book program. Students are being sent home with a copy of the same book, and they and their families are asked to read together over the next few weeks. The children will then have daily trivia questions.

"Our hope is that we can spark discussion between families, their children, families and the school, children and the school, and this practice of reading doesn't stop just in March, that it continues throughout the rest of the months and even in the summer," Principal Michelle Asmus said. "That families are reading a book, talking about a book, and just sharing that love of reading."

The book is called "The Pet War." It's a story about a brother and sister competing to choose if their family gets a dog or a cat.

Everyone in the school's community will be reading it – students, parents, teachers, bus drivers, kitchen staff and administrators – deciding if they are team dog or team cat.

Even the Niles Community Schools superintendent will be reading along and talking to students about their experience.