Niles MSP post linked to alcohol breath testing scandal

NILES, Mich. (WNDU) - Problems with breath alcohol testing equipment have resulted in the dismissal of seven drunk driving cases in the state of Michigan.

On Thursday, some "discrepancies" were tied to the Michigan State Police post in Niles.

Discrepancies have been found in a total of eight Michigan State Police posts. At four of those posts, the problem was the result of possible criminal acts on the part of workers from a private company hired to maintain, service and calibrate the machines.

In short, some technicians who weren’t doing the work were producing paperwork that said they did.

“Signing off saying you performed a particular service on those machines or showing up physically to those locations and then signing off is an act of forgery, and that's the investigation that we are currently under,” Lt. DuWayne Robinson told 16 News Now. “Niles, at this point, does not show any criminal activity connected to the technicians, but there were discrepancies found at Niles between the period of Jan. 15 of 2019 and Feb. 18 of 2019.”

The discrepancies could impact a total of seven breath tests at the Niles post.

Last week, the Michigan State Police took all 203 Datamaster breath testing units out of service. Thirty-seven of the units have since returned.

In the meantime, officers are being asked to rely on blood tests in drunk driving cases.

The investigation also found discrepancies with a machine in Van Buren County used to conduct four breath tests between Nov. 21 of last year and Dec. 9 of 2019.