Next generation of grocery shopping pops up at South Bend stores

Published: Jul. 6, 2017 at 5:29 PM EDT
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The next generation of grocery shopping has arrived. With just a few clicks, you can select your items and pick them up curbside the same day.

Kroger on Ireland Road in South Bend is the latest supermarket to roll out online ordering.

“Kroger is acknowledging the time pressures people feel with trying to go grocery shopping, take care of the kids, get the kids to soccer lessons and piano lessons,” said Eric Halvorson, public affairs manager and media spokesman, Kroger.

As with ordering anything on the web, online grocery shopping comes with its pros and cons. But one thing is certain; it's indicative of where the changing retail industry is headed.

With only a few clicks, you can choose items specific to your likes and needs.

“If somebody wants green bananas rather than ripe bananas, we will pick out whatever is requested,” said Halvorson.

The service is designed for people who are tight on time.

“Sometimes I feel like that with my kids. Me and my husband both work, and he works days I work evenings so it's that little gap we have to go grocery shopping,” said Kimberly Reyna, shopper. “So it would be nice to have it already ordered and done, come pick it up and we're good to go.”

The program is called ClickList. Trained representatives will shop for your items and keep perishables refrigerated until you are available to pick them up later. It alleviates the burden of wandering through the aisles and waiting in line.

“Just extra things you need for the after-schoolers. It could be water, milk juice,” said Timeca Coutee, South Bend resident.

Coutee runs a childcare center and says she wants to give online grocery shopping a go.

“It’d be worth giving it a try, I think it'd be fun to see how it worked,” said Coutee.

According to one Notre Dame professor, services like this are only going to become more prevalent. Thursday, Timothy Carone was out of town but he spoke with NewsCenter 16 over the phone.

“What you're seeing more of is people, especially the millennial generation, interact with the retailer in many different ways whether it’s in the store, mobile devices and things but they want them to remember them and their preferences,” said Timothy Carone, associate teaching professor, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.

A trend that is likely here to stay.

To create an account and try ClickList, click


There are no limitations except for alcohol and prescriptions, which still need to be purchased in-store.

Once you place your order, allow four hours before your items are ready. You must pay by credit card before checking out online. When you arrive at the grocery store, you’ll pull into a designated parking spot and a representative will bring your items straight to the car.

Your first three CliskList orders are free. After that, a fee of $4.95 is tacked on to your order.

Kroger is not alone; select Walmart and Martin's stores also offer similar services. To check if there is a Walmart location offering online ordering near you, click

. For information on a similar service at Martin’s Super Markets, click