New veteran memorial dedicated in Mishawaka

Just a block east of the River Rock Apartments, locals may have heard a helicopter flying low just after 4 p.m Wednesday.

It was a Black Hawk helicopter bringing Major General Courtney Carr to town to help honor veterans and dedicate the Center for Hospice War Memorial.

Families and veterans walked through the memorial, at the center of the memorial is a life-sized bronze statue depicting an aging American soldier sitting vigilant. The new memorial was paid for thanks to donations.

"Being able to create a comfortable and peaceful space for our veteran families to be able to come and remember their loved ones. A lot of people don't want to go and remember their loved ones at the cemetery necessarily. They sometimes would prefer to go somewhere, where their loved one has been memorialized in some way," said Mike Wargo, Veteran and Chief Operation Officer for Hospice Foundation.

Wargo says there are bricks and still space on the wall for more veterans' names and inscriptions.