New auto garage repairing donated cars for families

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. (WNDU) - Thursday is a day of celebration for a new auto garage in Berrien County.

It's called New Heights Auto Services, a place you will soon be able to not only repair your car but repair it with a purpose.

"When someone is getting ready to upgrade their vehicle, get a different car, maybe instead of selling it, they donate it to us. Then, our mechanic and our volunteers help fix that vehicle up," New Heights Christian Community Development Association Executive Director Chris Britton said Thursday.

Fortunately for at least 100 families in 2019, they will have a chance to buy a donated car — repaired by New Heights — for just $500. It's part of a program the New Heights CCDA started nearly a decade ago.

"We got to know community partners and listen to what the community needs were and we found out that transportation was the No. 1 issue here to people moving forward. We said it's time for us to scale up," Britton said.

While the purpose remains to help those in need of transportation, New Heights is also helping those who are unemployed.

"This will be a great employee opportunity for people who are trying to get back on their feet," Britton said.

The new addition of a fully supplied, five-liftgate garage and a new full-time mechanic will bring New Heights to new levels that the volunteer-run program has not seen before.

"This is our dream. This is answered prayer for us to have such a facility. We never imagined that we would have one this big," nine-year New Heights CCDA volunteer Bob Stawood said.

According to Britton, New Heights expects to fully launch its new garage by the end of the month.

If you would like to support low-income families by volunteering for New Heights CCDA or donating your car, visit