New Mishawaka superintendent outlines 90-day plan

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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - The new superintendent for the School City of Mishawaka outlined plans for his first 90 days on the job Wednesday evening.

Superintendent Wayne Barker plans to break up the 90 days into three sections of 30 days. The first 30 days, he plans to talk with people individually to get to know them better.

The second 30 days, Barker will be looking into the district's culture and evaluating where they stand as an organization.

And the last 30 days will be spent working with the board of trustees and developing goals for this school year so they can continue to improve.

"I realize that it's going to be very important for me to have long-term success, so to be able to do that best, I need to have a good start," Barker said. "So, I'm looking at the first 90 days. I realize those are going to be very important to me, I need to get on to a good start."

He also said he believes that Mishawaka schools have a culture of excellence, and he said that excellence means a willingness to improve.