New Carlisle man recovering after hit and run accident

Greg Thompson from New Carlisle was hit by a truck on Saturday morning while he was cycling...
Greg Thompson from New Carlisle was hit by a truck on Saturday morning while he was cycling near La Porte. (WNDU)
Published: Jun. 5, 2017 at 6:11 PM EDT
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A Saturday morning bike ride sends an Indiana man to the hospital.

Greg Thompson remains in a South Bend hospital after he was run over by a truck over the weekend and deputies are looking for the person who put him there.

“Saturday morning was a beautiful morning,” Captain Mike Kellems with the LaPorte County Sheriff's Department said.

A beautiful morning for a bike ride on Indiana-2. LaPorte County deputies say that day, Greg Thompson was pedaling his way back home to New Carlisle.

“He was in shape, he was a fit guy,” Capt. Kellems said. “The type of bike that he had was one you'd do some long distance riding.”

A woman who was on her way to breakfast in Rolling Prairie called LaPorte County deputies Saturday morning telling them she saw a green pickup hit something, not knowing it was a person. Deputies then showed up and found Thompson and the bicycle in the ditch.

“They did what's called a hot load, so they keep the helicopter running, because Mr. Thompson was in critical condition,” Capt. Kellems said.

“I worry about people hitting me just turning into my own subdivision, because they fly by here,” Cindy Tucker from La Porte said.

Thompson is expected to pull through, but on this heavily traveled highway, captain Kellems suspects somebody knows what happened.

“A needle in a haystack is a very good description,” Kellems said.

Detectives are talking with potential witnesses and searching for any surveillance video of the pickup they can find. Fortunately, this isn't a manslaughter case, but they're hoping somebody will come forward.

“We all understand people make mistakes, and the trauma and what that does to a person, you get into that fight or flight kind of mode,” Kellems said.

“I mean, he's very lucky that he's alive, and yes, that's a major crime,” Tucker said.

Anyone who knows what happened is asked to call the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office, you can also read more info about what happened on their Facebook page.

Greg’s daughter says he's stable after an operation Monday. Thompson was wearing a helmet on Saturday, his head was OK, he could move his arms and legs, but fractured his pelvis and could require another surgery.