New Buffalo High School proud of students for reporting suspicious sub

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New Buffalo High School staff are praising their kids for reporting a strange incident with a substitute last Thursday.

The man was escorted by police off school grounds during first period.

The high school says he took out his phone during class to play 'paparazzi' and used an audio recorder. The kids thought this whole thing was a little weird.

"You're, of course, recording this, but I know exactly what the purpose is," New Buffalo Secondary School Principal Wayne Butler said. "If somebody sitting over here has got their phone up and recording and so forth and can't give me an answer other than 'Well, I just feel like it,' or 'I'm playing like I'm the paparazzi,' that kind of builds into the teenage concern and angst toward adults and so forth and it's somebody they may or may not know very well."

A student came to the office and told staff that the substitute was recording them.

When asked why he was doing it, the sub said he was just trying to have a record in case something went wrong.

The principal told him he can't be recording the kids and was asked to get his things so he could be relieved for the day.

Police, who were at the school already for a check-in, helped the sub out of the building. Even though it wasn't anything threatening, teachers commend their kids on acting when they saw something suspicious.

"You talk about see something, say something," Butler said. "They came down and pointed out that this was going on. They had no idea if it was bad or not. In their mind, it was 'He gets to use a cell phone, why can't I?' And they thought it was over the top and maybe a little creepy or something like that, but the most important thing is that they felt like they could come talk to an adult. We're pretty proud of that, especially in this day and age."

The school says they were told by police that nothing illegal happened here, it was just a little odd.