Neighbors split on potential development near Four Winds Casino

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - "Available" signs are on both sides of Prairie Avenue in South Bend.
They symbolize future development near Four Winds Casino.

Some residents are excited about the impending changes but anxious about what they will be.

"Yeah, I would like to know what's going on around here. If they're going to buy houses, if they're gonna buy ours," Shirley Harber said.

On Monday, the South Bend Common Council voted to annex and rezone land near Bruno's Pizza for light industrial use. Development details have not yet been released.

One man said he disagreed with the land being bought and repurposed, while many others anticipate higher property values -- and something else.

"Of course, the tax base will probably go up again," Thomas Harber said.

As expected, there are sometimes casualties that come from the dreams of others. Owners of the Homeland Trailer Park are closing it down, forcing dozens of residents to leave their blighted trailers by November.

The owners say they gave notice in September, a 30-day notice this month and also stopped accepting rent. But many residents feel slighted.

The owners plan to repurpose the land but did not disclose any specific plans.