Nappanee mom gets life-changing gift from Michiana business

Published: Aug. 6, 2019 at 3:26 PM EDT
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"I just want to thank you, so much for helping my family in this way."

It is a huge blessing for a Nappanee mother and her children. For 12 months, Victoria Hedman will not have to worry about paying her mortgage.

"So many of us are very fortunate we don't have to go through those kind of struggles, but she's such a strong person," said Kevin Anthony, the owner of Golden Years Financial Advisors.

The special moment was sparked by a partnership between Golden Years Financial and the nonprofit Gradient Gives Back Foundation.

The gift from Golden Years actually started as six months of home payments, but that was until Anthony heard Hedman's story.

Hedman is the a mother of four children, with a new home. Two of her sons have autism, and one of them needs specialized care. Hedman's work schedule revolves around if and when she can find proper supervision for her children.

"We went through a lot to get here," Hedman said. "I'm so blessed that Kevin heard my story and he took this chance to give me an opportunity to stabilize my life."

"We're a strong belief that God will provide. It just felt like the 12-month was the right thing to do," Anthony said.

Anthony said he hopes their surprise will inspire other Michiana businesses to "pay it forward" as well.