ND Trail by the numbers

Published: Aug. 18, 2017 at 11:51 PM EDT
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The Notre Dame trail is a 13-day pilgrimage that follows the steps of Fr. Edward Sorin nearly 175 years ago. From Vincennes, Indiana to the Notre Dame Campus, it’s a huge feat according to many pilgrims. But it’s even bigger when you add up the numbers.


There are 32 pilgrims also known as the “core team,” that’s taking part in the entire 13-day pilgrimage. But some will be joining in this journey in the final days.

One hundred will make the 5-day trek while 160 will walk for the final three days. About 3,000 are expected to join in on the final day.

Emergency Crews

Personnel are also on hand for the 13-day journey. Ten Indiana State police officers are helping the trail go smoothly and safely.

Five medics are also on hand to ensure the health and well beings of all pilgrims remain a priority.

There are three pit stop crews on hand as well as three restroom trailers.

Two oxcarts (or buses) are used to help transport pilgrims to and from hotels.


Day five marked the longest trek thus far at 41.1 miles. About 165.2 total miles have been accomplished in all thus far with 154.8 to go, so they’re already more than halfway back to campus.


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