NC man shares mileage milestone: Honda Accord hits 1 million miles

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HARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A vehicle inspector from North Carolina has hit a major mileage milestone - his 2000 Honda Accord just eclipsed 1 million miles.

“This car has been absolutely fantastic!” said Dexter Mills in a Facebook post.

Mills, who is from the Durham area, posted a photo of his odometer on social media when he hit the milestone in March. He said his Accord was trying to tell him she is was ready to retire.

The former automotive technician said he would joke with co-workers about cars having a mind of their own.

In his Facebook post, he said one of the car’s warning lights started flashing for the first time ever after crossing the million mile mark.

“A quick diagnostic check didn’t show any abnormalities,” said Mills. “I think I got the message.”

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