Several people displaced by Elkhart Co. apartment fire

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ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – Several people were displaced by a Tuesday night fire at an Elkhart County apartment complex.

The fire started around 10:17 p.m. at Arbor Lakes Apartments, which is located in the 22000 block of Breakwater Drive.

Fire officials told NewsCenter 16 no one was hurt, but people in about 18 units had to leave their homes.

"I was in my room, I was about to go to bed, and my friend came knocking on my door saying, ‘There’s a fire out here!’' resident Mason Lehman said. "So, I ran to his room and looked out his window. There were two buildings between me and the fire, and I could see the flames above both rooftops."

At least one apparatus from every fire department in Elkhart County responded to the fire and helped ensure everyone was safely evacuated and the fire brought under control.

"The building can be rebuilt, the items can be replaced, but someone’s life can’t," said Shawn Miller, deputy chief EMS with the Concord Fire Department. "And all of our firemen are going to go home to their families, so I would call that extremely successful."

The American Red Cross has stepped in to help the victims. Some did need assistance, while others moved into available apartment units at Arbor Lakes.