Much cooler, overall, for the middle of this week

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Strong storms overnight Thursday into Friday morning have a marginal to slight risk of becoming severe.

Starting things off in the 30s with a cool setting for this morning. Afternoon highs will be limited by thicker cloud cover and a bit of a breeze from the east.

Rain showers will be on the radar from 1-7pm, but it’s not expected to be a total washout.


Mainly dry overnight with partly cloudy skies and a strong breeze from the east.

Overnight lows drop into the upper 30s.


A windy start to the day with dry conditions, to start. Partly cloudy skies through the afternoon.

Highs soar into the middle 60s as we enter the ‘warm sector’ of our next big weathermaker. A pleasant afternoon before rain showers arrive.

Showers begin with round #1 of rain at 9pm. Overnight thunderstorms are likely in a secondary band from 1-4am.


Waking up to a few finishing thunderstorms. A soggy start to the day with dry conditions into the afternoon. Highs in the low 50s.