Moving Vietnam War monument will cost $152,000

Published: May. 22, 2018 at 5:10 PM EDT
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No doubt many have been moved while visiting the Vietnam War Monument in South Bend.

Now it’s the monument itself that will be moved about 150 yards to the south of its current location in Howard Park.

A bid awarded today put the price tag of the relocation at $152,000.

The move will require demolishing and rebuilding the concrete base of the memorial.

“We’re moving it to allow some additional space for some of the new park amenities that'll be coming in. In its existing spot, it would be just about right on top of the new ice trail. We could avoid it with the new ice trail but it would be really close and we know the war memorial is something where people like to be a little more contemplative a quieter area to reflect” said Venues Parks and Arts Executive Director Aaron Perri.

Perri said the project was bid separately from all the other work planned at Howard Park to make sure it will be done right. “There's a lot of sensitives around this particular structure. We're going to make sure it’s done right, rather than fold it all in with a major building contract, like the playground contract or even an ice skating rink contract. We wanted skilled laborers that really knew how to handle these things with the right amount of sensitivity.”

Perri says a flag lowering ceremony will be held at the monument in advance of the move.