Mother found slain in Georgia attended Elkhart Memorial High School

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16 News Now has confirmed a mother found slain in Georgia was an Elkhart resident who attended Elkhart Memorial High School.

On Monday, authorities in central Florida say they believe they found the body of Casei Jones, whose last name was Gilbert when she attended the high school, according to Elkhart Community Schools. She graduated in 2005.

Her four young children’s remains were found hours later.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said Monday at a news conference in Ocala, Florida, that they were able to find the children's bodies after interviewing their father. The sheriff wouldn't say where the children's remains were found.

A warrant for second-degree murder was issued for Michael Jones’ arrest early Monday after Jones’ body was found near Brunswick, Georgia.

Relatives of Casei Jones reported her and her four children missing Saturday after they hadn't been seen or heard from in six weeks. Their ages were 10, five, two and one years old.