Morris Inn to undergo 5-month dining space renovation

Photo from the University of Notre Dame
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NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) – The University of Notre Dame has announced plans for a five-month renovation of the dining options at the Morris Inn.

The renovation will include expanding Rohr's restaurant to create "a larger dining area for all ages, new bar, increased intimate seating for small groups, enhanced service and an elevated focus on food and beverage offerings."

“We are excited to continue to enhance dining offerings for the broader community,” Morris Inn senior director Joe Kurth said in the release. “Building off the enthusiasm and high demand of Rohr’s, the University will create one restaurant that celebrates the tradition and spirit of Notre Dame in an approachable, upscale, casual and social environment, with a focus on service and fresh and modern food.”

The new restaurant will occupy the space currently taken up by Rohr's and Sorin's. Renovation is scheduled to begin in November, according to a release issued Thursday.

During renovation, dining options will still be available in the hotel, including "piloting new menu items for the expanded dining experience." Room service options will also be expanded, and the Smith Family Ballroom will be open.

Before the design is finalized, people across campus will be asked for input on details such as dining hours, menu options and pricing.