Michigan authorities condemn home after more than 100 animals found at property

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CASS COUNTY, Mich. (WNDU/Gray News) - Two people were arrested after information was provided to Cass County authorities, but two different sets of charges are in the works.

Authorities said this house was condemned after extensive damage by animals. (Source: WNDU/Gray News)

It was more than Cass County deputies expected to find at an Edwardsburg home, where they were looking for drugs.

"So the Cass County Drug Enforcement team went to the residence, and upon their arrival found the house to not only have drugs involved but also had a lot of animals,” Cass County Sheriff Richard Behnke says.

Neighbors said the home in Edwardsburg where two 32-year-old men were arrested allegedly had more than 100 animals on the property in deplorable conditions. Law enforcement also found methamphetamine, according to the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.

"Animals ranging from dogs, horses, a deer, chickens, a myriad of different types of animals, and some of them were left inside the residence and allowed to defecate inside the residence and then just be left inside the house,” Behnke said.

The home is in such terrible shape, it was condemned, the sheriff said. Animal Control took the animals away, and they are being stored at various unnamed locations for security reasons.

"The smell was very strong with the odor of urine and feces and the floors were in rough shape with debris and fecal matter,” said Ronald Butts, director of Cass County Animal Control.

It was a tough scene for animal control officers.

"It’s sad and frustrating both at the same time because animals they rely on us to take care of them and seeing animals in poor conditions, it’s not fair to the animals,” Butts said.

What are the next steps for the men arrested at the now-condemned home?

"As far as the drug charges, they’ll be arraigned,” Behnke says. "The investigation is concluding with the animals, trying working with the owner to try and get these animals put in a proper location, and criminal charges will be sought as well.”

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