Pulaski Co. family devastated after storms destroy barn, kill animals

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MONTEREY, Ind. (WNDU) - As people in Monterey deal with power outages and downed trees, the Martinez family is dealing with something more. Their barn was destroyed and some of their animals were killed.

“I’m not sure there will be a next time. I don’t think financially there will be a start over for us," Tonya Keller Martinez said.

Storms swept through the town Thursday morning, and the aftermath left the Martinez family feeling hopeless.

“I could hear things being ripped apart outside, I could hear tin flying and felt the trees hitting the ground in the yard," she added.

Their house was OK; their new barn was Mother Nature’s target.

It was a recent gift from an older neighbor who could no longer take care of his animals.

“I would say a quarter-mile down the road," Martinez said.

Pieces were blown away, knocking down power lines, and four of the family’s goats were killed. But Martinez said this isn’t the first time her 4-H children experienced loss. The new barn replaced one that burned down last year.

“We've just got to wait for the companies to do their business," neighbor Loren Lewis said.

Lewis is one of many residents without power. Fulton County REMC, which covers part of Monterey, said the storm knocked out a substation, impacting more than 3,500 customers.

As the Martinez family waits for their power to be restored, too, they are hoping the weather avoids them next time a storm rolls through.

"Sometimes, when you think you have made it, Mother Nature comes along and shows you different," Martinez said.

REMC plans to have power restored to most, if not all, customers by Thursday night.

Pulaski County Highway Management expects closed roads to reopened Thursday as well.