Mishawaka police find author of allegedly threatening school emails

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - Emails that some see as threatening were sent en masse to the entire student body of John Young Middle School in Mishawaka this week.

Police say the case involved one student hacking into the account of another and writing messages that some parents found disturbing.

One message said, “To all that reads this ...” then mentions a student by first and last name and continues, “... Is going to die.”

"There were threats made for two other students, one listed by a first name and one just by gender,” parent Anna Murphy said. “There were threats made on other students personally, personally that were not listed by name.”

Mishawaka police have finished their investigation into the matter and sent a report to the prosecutor for possible action in juvenile court.

“At this time, there’s no threat to be concerned about towards any John Young Middle School student,” Lt. Tim Williams said. “And that the student that did this here is going to be held accountable.”

Williams discounted the idea that the emails contained statements that were threats.

“We know that it’s perceived to be by some people to be a threat. Bottom line is, at no time were any of our students in danger,” he said.

Natasha Cole is the mother of a John Young student who was critical of the way the matter was handled by the school.

“I am not happy at all with how things have been handled," she said. "Like I said, it’s three days later after this incident occurred that we are even finding out about it.”

The incident sparked hundreds of comments on a community Facebook page called Parents vs. Bullies.

The page was created by community activist Wayne Hubbard as a way to ensure schools would not sweep such matters under the rug.

“Everything I do is modeled off of the things that I've learned in life, and one of them being that before my time, my father would always tell me that ... if one house went up in smoke or flames, everybody else on the block would hold a pail of water," Hubbard said. "I understand that there's separate school districts, but what they can't beat is parents uniting.”