Mishawaka Bar Louie will move to new apartment building

Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 5:28 PM EDT
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The Mishawaka restaurant known as Bar Louie will be moving to a new home, and it’s a place you can call home too.

“It’ll be a three story restaurant/bar where a rooftop access to really enjoy the months of the year we have here that are ideal, with great views and as well, event space,” said Ryan Rans with Great Lakes Capital.

The new Bar Louie will be located in phase two of the GrandView development near Main Street and State Road 23.

GrandView phase two will also contain 178 new apartments including 20 micro-units.

The micro-units will be as small as 393 square feet with monthly rent as low as $750.

“First job or young professional or a second location, maybe you live elsewhere but you work here often. Where can you have a spot to still call home and put your head down and it’s a lot more cost effective than renting a hotel,” said Rans.

GrandView phase one has workout, laundry, and pool facilities on and grounds that will be available to residents in phase two. “I think that allows you to really, don’t need to live in your apartment, you can use the apartment then you can live in the community,” Rans said.

Grandview phase one brought 203 new apartments to the market. Phase two will add 178 more, along with a promise to make at least a portion of the Mishawaka commercial corridor pedestrian friendly.

“You have Grocery walkability, and restaurant retail walkability, there's no place else in our market where you can walk to retail restaurant and grocery and were looking to enhance that,” said Rans. “We're going to add to and enhance the pedestrian accessibility in walkways north and south on Gumwood, and then also working hand in hand with the City of Mishawaka for across the street pedestrian access as well.”

The two GrandView housing developments will still occupy just a third of the total acreage set aside for GrandView.

Later phases will focus on commercial and restaurant development.