Michigan reports 29 more coronavirus deaths, 403 cases

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 4:02 PM EDT
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Michigan health officials reported 29 more coronavirus deaths and 403 new cases on Friday.

There have been at least 5,158 coronavirus deaths and 53,913 cases throughout the state.

Thursday: 69 more coronavirus deaths, 501 new cases

Wednesday: 43 more coronavirus deaths, 659 new cases

Tuesday: 102* more coronavirus deaths, 435 new cases

Monday: 24 more coronavirus deaths, 773 new cases

Berrien County has had 43 deaths and 571 cases.

Cass County has had 2 deaths and 73 cases.

St. Joseph County has had 2 death and 96 cases.


for much more information.

*Note on deaths: Regular reviews of death certificate data maintained in Vital Records reporting systems are conducted by MDHHS staff three times per week. As a part of this process, records that identify COVID-19 infection as a contributing factor to death are compared against all laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS). If a death certificate is matched to a confirmed COVID-19 case and that record in the MDSS does not indicate the individual died, the MDSS record is updated to indicate the death and the appropriate local health department is notified. These matched deaths are then included with mortality information posted to the Michigan Coronavirus website.