Michigan officers who handcuffed 11-year-old will not be disciplined

Published: Dec. 21, 2017 at 12:50 PM EST
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Grand Rapids police officers will not be disciplined after holding an 11-year-old girl at gunpoint, handcuffing her and putting her in the back of a cruiser.

That's according to our sister station,

The incident occurred on December 6th and was recorded on a body camera. The footage shows the girl, Honestie Hodges, screaming in panic for over two minutes, as she is cuffed and placed in a cruiser.

An internal investigation into the incident found the officers did not violate department policy.

The officers were searching for Hodges' aunt, a 40-year-old white woman and attempted murder suspect, at the time of the incident. Hodges is an 11-year-old black girl.

While the police chief says the video made him nauseous, he clarified that the officers were following procedure.

The police department says they are developing new policies to prevent future incidents.

One of these new changes will include increasing interaction between police officers and children through various programs like the Boys and Girls Club, the Explorer Program, Grand Rapids Public Schools, etc.

However, these changes will require additional funding.


The funding has been approved, but an exact dollar amount has not been released.