Michiana woman celebrates 102nd birthday

Published: Dec. 10, 2018 at 11:07 PM EST
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A southwestern Michigan woman is partying like it's 1916. Mary Madejczyk turned 102 years young on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Her official birthday celebration took place Monday afternoon at Harbert Community Church in Sawyer.

Despite her age, Madejczyk is still active, volunteering with the Senior Nutrition Services/Meals on Wheels program at the River Valley Senior Center.

Mary also provided some advice she's learned in her years:

"That's most important, is your good health," she said. "And not to worry, if today's a bad day, tomorrow might be a better one. There's always hope, right?"

"A lot of the people we see have different needs, you know, are not as active, as physically active, as she ism," Senior Nutrition Services site manager John Gooch said. "And that inspires them to keep going. She just has this energy."

Madejczyk has been volunteering with the program since 1989 and doesn't see herself stopping any time soon.