Michiana LGBTQ community honors Orlando victims

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The effects of Sunday mornings mass shootings were felt all across America. That includes Michiana where members of The LGBTQ Center in South Bend held a vigil for the 50 killed in Orlando.

The vigil wasn't just about mourning the dead. It was about coming together as a community and being there for each other. Hitting so close to home it has some people scared and this is one step back from the LGBTQ community. But the head of The LGBTQ Center says setbacks happen. They just need to keep pushing forward.

"I think it's more important than ever that we bond together and are physically with each other." Executive Director of The LGBTQ Center Eli Williams said. "And that's why spaces liek the l-g-b-t-q center are so important."

"In the wake of what has happened here, let us instead of hiding and cowering in fear, let us stand together, let us hold each others hands and let us say to these people 'we will not be pushed around anymore!'" one man said.

both the center and the Islamic Society of Michiana hope people don't jump to generalizing the attack. They want to spread a message of peace, not anger.

"Since 9/11 we condemn." said Imam Mohammad Sirajuddin. "Every time these kinds of attacks takes place we condemn unequally and very clearly that this is... There is no place for this."

From here on out, the LGBTQ community is just going to keep on fighting.

"We hear this phrase "It gets better." a lot." Williams said. "And I hope that's what's happening, but then we see things like this still happening, so we can't just say "oh we have gay marriage, everything is okay now. Oh, we have a gay mayor in South Bend. South Bend must be perfect." Because we see hate crimes here too and we see them across the country, so I don't think there's just one solid progress narrative. I think we're going in circles, but we'll hopefully get there someday."