Michiana Eats: Zale Drugs

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 1:14 PM EST
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They were the epitome of Small Town, USA.

Drug stores used to be a place where you could not only get your medicine but your lunch too.

But there’s a spot in Michiana where you can still get your prescriptions and lunch at the same time.

Zale Drugs, now known as Hometown Pharmacy, is located in the heart of Warsaw.

Inside the pharmacy, in the back of the store, sits Zale's Luncheonette.

Walking inside takes you back to those Andy Griffith days, with an old soda fountain, untouched countertops and original bar stools.

“Some people have lived here their whole life and don’t know that this little diner is inside this pharmacy,” manager Sarah Rice said. “So, it makes it very unique.”

It’s a place where customers come regularly and everyone feels like family.

Jerry Opperud is just one of the many customers who have been coming to the luncheonette for years.

“So long that I’ve lost track of time and that would take me back to the origin of the pharmacy and the luncheonette,” he said.

And while Zale Drugs has changed in look and name, the luncheonette inside has remained the same.

"You've been coming here since 1970 you said,” 16 News Now reporter Melissa Stephens asked of customer Ann Myers. “Has it changed a lot?”

"No, not really,” Myers said. “They cut a hole in the counter there so the girls could get in and out."

Not only is it a popular hangout spot in Warsaw, but it's also a place where homemade comfort food is served.

“A lot of people like our noodles on Wednesday, our fish on Fridays,” Rice said. “You can come, get your prescription and eat your food while you’re waiting. Like, it’s just a cool, nice little deal here.”

Zale's Luncheonette serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.

For more information, call 574-267-7356.