Michiana Alabama fans hold national championship watch party

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OSCEOLA, Ind. (WNDU) - While Notre Dame was not in the national championship, there were some fans in Michiana who were glued to their TVs for the big game.

The South Bend chapter of the University of Alabama Alumni Association gathered Monday evening at Wings Etc. in Osceola to cheer on the Tide. The group is in its second year of existence, and they watch every big Alabama game together.

Monday was no exception. Dozens gathered to watch Alabama take on Clemson in the national championship, and there's no place they would rather be.

"Oh, it's a blast," fan Dave Newland said. "You've got everybody here. It's all Alabama fans. No one is rooting against you, so it's a good time and we enjoy every minute of it.

"It's a riot. They are great people," chapter secretary Diana Garrett said. "We have fun together. We make this room our own, and Wings has been great to let us do that. It's a riot. It's like family. Roll Tide. Go!"

While the chapter was hoping for a Tide win Monday night, their main mission is to get Michiana children scholarships to Alabama.