Micah Kunkle sentenced to 22 years in prison

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PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WNDU)- Micah Kunkle, who was found guilty of aggravated battery and neglect of a 2-year-old boy, was sentenced Thursday in Marshall County courtroom to more than two decades in prison.

Micah Kunkle

The judge said he did not see an ounce of remorse from Kunkle during the trial and found no mitigating factors for sentencing, only aggravating factors.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Tami Napier described Kunkle as "ruthless."

Kunkle was convicted of holding a 2-year-old boy under scalding hot water, causing third-degree burns and scarring the boy for life.

"When you consistently want to brutalize a 2-year-old, defenseless child, he can't call for help, he can't tell anyone what happened, and when that is your target of abuse, that speaks to a person's lack of remorse, inability to care about other people," Napier said.

The judge pointed out Kunkle's lack of remorse during sentencing and handing down 16 years for the aggravated battery on a child and six years for neglect of a dependent, those running consecutively and to be served in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

16 News Now's Zach Horner was told cases like these can be challenging.

"This was a crime on a 2-year-old boy, so he's unable to come in and tell us what happened to him, who did it, what the instrument of abuse was. So, it's a case that relies on circumstantial evidence and, obviously, the cooperation of other people that know the child, were around the child," Napier said.

That cooperation was key for a conviction. Napier says the family of that 2-year-old boy was a big part of this case.

"The family, once notified of the injuries to the child, all stepped up and have been cooperative during this entire prosecution, and we're very grateful for that," she said.

The family did not want to appear on camera but said that, aside from some scarring, the little boy abused by Kunkle has made an amazing recovery and is doing well.