McCloskey Mix-Up: Elkhart attorney getting hate mail and vulgar messages

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 4:37 PM EDT
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A Michiana attorney is catching some heat this week. It has nothing to do with the weather, and it's not even for anything he did.

You may have seen the video from Missouri where a couple is pointing guns at a group of protesters. Their last name is McCloskey and an Elkhart attorney named Martin McCloskey assures everyone he is of no relation, but he has been getting some messages.

"Threatening, vulgar, and things you couldn't even repeat. I mean it was horrible," Martin McCloskey says.

Messages that were meant for Missouri attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey. They're the ones in the video pointing guns at protesters sparking some outrage, but directed the wrong way.

"I'm the McCloskey Law Office. In St. Louis, they're called The McCloskey Law Center," McCloskey says.

Outrage from people not doing their research.

"The phone calls started." He says it didn't stop there. "They got on my Facebook. They went to Google. They went to Yelp. They were giving me bad reviews."

He says many of those messages went to far.

"The girls in the office, they were getting some phone calls that were threatening, and so they called the police and locked the doors," McCloskey adds.

MCloskey and his staff haven't been able to get much done this week responding to all the messages. Messages that were still coming in as of Wednesday morning. He read one of those emails to 16 News Now.

"He said you guys suck major eggs if you think waving guns at black people is ok. You suck and it's not ok and I think you should reflect on the danger, blah blah blah."

McCloskey, the Elkhart McCloskey to be more specific, says people need to choose the words the use carefully.

"By just attacking me, or people that work for me, or making threats, that is against the law," he says. "The stuff that they were saying to me, I can't imagine what they were saying to these people."