Mayor Pete joins 16 Morning News, addresses South Bend violence

Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined Tricia Sloma on 16 Morning News Wednesday to discuss several topics, including Alabama’s new bill to ban abortion, the U.S.’s escalating tensions with Iran and gun violence in South Bend.

“It’s part of a bigger strategy,” the mayor told Tricia Sloma in response to her question on whether or not a new abortion bill in Alabama is an effort toward a Supreme Court challenge by those who oppose abortion.

“No matter how you feel personally on the issue, most Americans believe that decision should be left to the person facing it, that’s obviously not happening in Alabama.”

The mayor also says there is middle ground on this issue.
“The middle ground has always been – at least according to the Supreme Court – no matter what you think the right thing to do in that situation is, we leave that decision to the person facing it,” Buttigieg said.

The mayor also addressed urgent reports from the State Department ordering all non-emergency government staff to leave Iraq right away.
“I hope that if we’ve learned nothing else in my life time, it that we should avoid conflict in the Middle East, whenever possible,” Buttigieg said.

“We’re continuing to monitor these reports about attacks on Saudi tankers,” Buttigieg added.

Another issue discussed Wednesday morning was the violence in South Bend. There have been four shootings in South Bend since April 28, one fatal. He says the incidents are “insane” and that although shootings have decreased over the past few years in the city, he hopes civic initiatives put forth will help bring this number down to zero.

“It is the worst part of this job to get a notification about another young person that has been injured or even lost due to violence…we’ve got to stop this from being a cycle, that’s where the victim and witness cooperation and community efforts like the Group Violence Intervention are so important and deserve our full support,” he said.

To see the interview in its entirety and to hear Mayor Pete address President Donald Trump’s recent attacks against him, click play in the above video.