Mascot Hall of Fame to officially open in Whiting, Indiana

WHITING, Ind. (WNDU) - Whiting, Indiana, is just 78 miles from South Bend, situated on the south shore of Lake Michigan. It’s a town of about 5,000 people, and it’s nationally known for its yearly Pierogi Fest.

But now, there's a new attraction bringing visitors in from all around: a Mascot Hall of Fame.

The three-story, 25,000-square-foot museum is filled with interactive exhibits for both children and adults.

“Before people come here, they have this concept of what they think we are,” Executive Director Orestes Hernandez said. “We're an interactive kids' museum, and a sports hall of fame for mascots.”

Visitors get to experience numerous interactive exhibits filled with education about mascots.

You get to experience what it’s like wearing a mascot costume, how they’re made and why they’re so important.

"This is unlike any place anybody's ever seen,” Hernandez said. “Not just for kids. We’ve seen grown adults, from grandparents to millennial parents. They're all entertained and having as much, if not more fun, than kids.”

The Mascot Hall of Fame had a soft opening on Dec. 26, but it officially opens this weekend.

A host of festivities will be taking place, including a ribbon-cutting ceremony with an 8-foot-long fuzzy pair of scissors.

Several special mascot guests will be attending as well, including the Chicago Blackhawks' famous Tommy Hawk.

Admission into the museum costs $12 for children and adults. Children younger than 2 are admitted free.

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