March 14, 2019, declared 'Maureen McFadden Day' in Mishawaka

The retirement honors for NewsCenter 16's Maureen McFadden continued Thursday when Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood stopped by our studio with some special surprises.

"We just wanted to stop by and send our appreciation on behalf of the citizens of Mishawaka and all of my staff to you for all you have meant to our community," Wood said. "I feel like I've grown up with you. You feel like a part of the family to me."

"Now therefore I, David A. Wood, mayor of the city of Mishawaka, Indiana, do hereby proclaim the 14th day of March, in the year of our Lord, 2019, and of Mishawaka's founding, the 186th, as 'Maureen McFadden Day' in the Princess City," Wood declared.

"We also have a key to the city," Wood revealed "You can use that anywhere in the Princess City, it will work everywhere. You won't need it for my office; you'll always have an open door there."

Mo also received a very special gift made by one of our co-workers, accounting assistant Sabrina English.

It's a quilt of pictures from so many of Mo's life memories.

Watch the attached video to see more.