UPDATE: Man dies after St. Joseph Co. ATV crash

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Police are still searching for answers after an elderly man was found dead following an ATV crash just west of Walkerton in St. Joseph County.

It happened near the corner of Union Road and Poplar Road when police say the 74-year-old man driving an ATV crashed into a tree.

However, St. Joseph County Coroner Mike McGann says officials are still unsure when it happened.

“The victim lives down the road. He obviously was on his way somewhere and the timeline is unknown whether it was today or before the snow fell yesterday, because it doesn’t seem like the tire tracks were there after the snow,” McGann told reporters Monday.

McGann says the victim, who remains unidentified at this time, suffered traumatic injuries from blunt force trauma to his body.

“He may have crashed days ago. We don’t know. He’s not completely in the creek. He obviously hit the trees and there is traumatic injury from that blunt force trauma,” McGann said.

Because the crash happened near a creek and involved an ATV, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources will be the agency carrying out the investigation, which includes trying to come up with a timeline leading up to the crash from any possible family, friends or neighbors in the area.

“DNR’s investigation will be able to narrow it down from neighbors, friends, timelines as far as does he do this every day? Does he go someplace? Is there something they can pin it down to?” McGann said.

McGann says he’ll have a better idea when the crash happened and how long the victim’s body was lying outside after he receives the results of an autopsy scheduled for Tuesday morning in Fort Wayne.