Man accused of killing woman with machete arraigned

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 7:44 PM EDT
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Prosecutors say it was one of the most unusual court hearings they have ever been apart of.

On Thursday, 35-year-old Duane Longacre was arraigned in court via video, after police say witnesses saw him kill a woman with a machete Sunday morning.​

In shackles and surrounded by police, Longacre’s reaction after he heard the murder charges against him was as blunt as it was surprising.​

He told the judge "this is a f**** joke" and demanded the judge to waive his rights to an attorney and allow him to plead guilty, which the judge did not allow.​

Longacre faces murder, arson, and resisting law enforcement after police say witnesses saw him kill the victim, Jill McCarty, with a machete, drag her body to a bathtub, and leave her for dead. ​

Prosecutors say the Plymouth man then set the home one fire.​

Despite the evidence up against him, Longacre did not admit to killing McCarty in court. Instead, he had some disturbing and shocking words for the judge.​

"Your honor, I did knowingly, intentionally killed something, but it wasn't a human," Longacre said, with a serious look on his face.​

When Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman was asked about Longacre's comments, he shook his head.​

"One-on-one like that, with the courtroom, and the judge...I have not seen anything like that in my years," Chipam says.​

Longacre previously told police McCarty was "evil" and demanded to speak to a higher power like President Trump.​​


Chipman says he isn't able to answer questions about a motive, but says he's confident in the case against Longacre.​​​

"Nobody deserves to go like this. Terribly sorry about the loss. We're confident it'll be concluded successfully from the state's standpoint," Chipman says.​

According to autopsy results from Tuesday evening, McCarty died from severe loss of blood from huge cuts to her head, face, and neck.

A pretrial hearing has been set for July 15th at 9 a.m.​


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