Local universities lay out reopening plans

Source: MGN

Across the country, colleges and universities are implementing safety measures as they plan to reopen in the fall.

Purdue University president Mitch Daniels says fewer people will be in classrooms and students will have to wear masks.

Meanwhile, many teachers will be behind plexiglass, and some classes will be offered online.

"After all the money we will spend on testing, tracing, physical changes to our dorms, dining facilities and classrooms, all of that, so much of this will rest on behavioral change, compliance with the whole pledge,” Daniels said. “We're gonna ask every student and staff member to take, and mask up indoors, to maintain social distance, to practice good hygiene, to self-quarantine if they do feel they have symptoms. To take their temperature every day. We're going to have to work just as hard on the cultural aspects as the physical, but I’m very confident."
We've also recently learned the re-opening plan for several schools here in Michiana.

Notre Dame's fall semester will begin two weeks earlier than planned on Aug. 10.

There will be no fall break, and the semester will end before Thanksgiving.

Holy Cross College is adopting a very similar plan.

Meanwhile, Grace College is currently developing its plans for a safe and effective reopening.

Bethel University is installing live stream technology in most of its classrooms while also reserving several of the houses it owns for quarantine lodging.