Local psychologist shares tips on meeting New Year's resolutions

Published: Dec. 31, 2018 at 5:04 PM EST
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With the New Year just a day away, many are gearing to kick start their 2019 New Years resolutions. For some, it might be becoming more active or cutting back on sweets but whatever your goals, it's important to know how to achieve them. I sat down with Licensed Psychologist Dr John Petersen to hear what factors influence the success of meeting New Years resolutions.

"If you're going to make a resolution, let that come out of your desire and out of happiness," said Dr. Petersen. "If you reflect on your life, a time, a season, your were happy or if you're not happy and you notice desire, really reflect on that and the depths of that."

It's important to find consistency in working towards your goal and to find a routine. "As you approach that goal, it will start to become self-enforcing," explained Dr. Petersen. "Otherwise we tend to set a goal to be like other people or wouldn't it be nice to have that body and it's often not as rewarding as we might think."

Once you set a goal, think about what that goal would mean. "Something specific and measurable is important in a goal otherwise it's an aspiration," said Petersen.

His most important piece of advice-- be patient with yourself. "Be prepared for it to be difficult sometimes, and let that routine and let that ritual, let your plan anchored in your vision, let that do it's job," said Dr. Petersen. For more tips from Psychology of South Bend, head to their web page by clicking