Local nurse working the front lines of the pandemic in NYC surprises son

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 11:31 PM EDT
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A local nurse working the front lines of the pandemic in New York City came home to surprise her 13-year-old son Wednesday.

"I couldn't even explain how great it was. I hadn't seen him in 71 days,” said nurse Amber Woods.

Woods headed to New York City in early April.

Since being there, she said she has faced emotional trauma, and has worked with many COVID patients.

The experience has been harder at times than expected, but she said she is now stronger.

"I feel like I handled this very well; like in a crisis I ended up thriving,” Woods said.

She originally planned to stay through the end of May, then it changed to June.

She recently found out, however, that her time would be cut short.

"The numbers of patients in the hospital are definitely dropping, so it really wasn't a surprise…So that's the hardest part is getting connected to these families, and then not knowing what the end of the story is going to be,” Woods said.

Her last day in New York City is Saturday.

"And one of the families of the patients that I have actually been taking care of has kind of arranged a meeting in front of the hospital at the end of my shift, which is going to be pretty emotional,” Woods said.

Next, Woods heads to Chicago.

"So I am actually going to be able to see my son every other week. I am not going to be in a COVID unit, so there will be less exposure,” Woods said.

Woods said although things are starting to re-open, she wants people to continue being careful.

"There's going to be a rise in the cases again,” Woods said.

Thank you to Woods and all healthcare workers working hard on the front lines.