Local motivational speaker runs marathon, escapes straitjacket

Published: Dec. 14, 2019 at 3:48 PM EST
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On November 9th, Steve Cabe from Niles ran the Indianapolis Marathon, but there was one thing that made him stand out from the other runners. Steve was wearing a straitjacket.

Cabe is a magician and a motivational speaker. His whole goal with running the marathon was to be able to escape the straitjacket before he finished, to show people that nothing can stand in your way of hitting your goals.

“I think that we all run the race of life, you know, and I was putting a very literal representation on the metaphor of the race that we’re all running,” says Cabe, “and in that race, we all will inevitably face barriers and obstacles and challenges of all kinds, but what’s important is that life doesn’t kick us to the curb and that we continue to keep moving forward.”

To make this adventure even more unique and inspiring, Cabe had friends, family, and strangers sign the jacket with things that they feel were obstacles in their lives. Words such as drugs, alcohol, divorce, fear, skin color, and miscarriage.

“These are the things that people are actually dealing with,” explains Cabe.

Steve did finish the race, and managed to get the jacket off before the finish line. After he crossed, he had one thing to say to those struggling.

“This [jacket], this is nothing. And if you feel like you’re held back by the straitjacket of life, take it by example, you don’t have to let the straight jacket restrict you. You can run the race of life with endurance. You can escape by taking the next step because there’s always courage to be found in taking the next step.”

You can learn more about Steve’s mission and work at


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