Local contractor building fences for pet owners, families of children with special needs

SOUTH BEND (WNDU) -- As people, it can be easy sometimes to put up walls between others. But a local contractor has a good reason for building fences.

"If I can show the world that we can help each other and don’t have to depend on someone else to do it for us, I can create a better world for my kids to walk in," Wayne Hubbard explained.

Hubbard recently started a movement called Fix It Forward on Facebook. Since April 1, he has installed dozens of fences for pet owners and families of children with special needs.

Families only pay for the materials on the list Hubbard provides after he visits the home for the estimate. The labor is free, and depending on the kind of concrete, Hubbard can complete the job within a day.

"I've seen people fall on hard times, and they were well-off when they got their animals, but they fall on hard times. The animal keeps getting out," he said.

He wants families to be able to enjoy their pets and children without having to worry about major costs and security.

"If everybody worries about the other person, they’ll always be taken care of," he said. "The people I've helped don’t mind asking for help, and they don't mind giving it either."

Hubbard's late father, Wayne Sr., died in November and inspired his son's movement to help as many people in the world as possible.

"What my dad taught me was, 'You only get one -- one life, one dad, one mom, one of everybody,' and his favorite movie was 'Pay it Forward.' Go figure," Hubbard said.

His Fix It Forward Facebook group will identify families in need of a fence (or dog house) by looking at local Facebook groups related to lost and found pets. They will contact the owners who have lost their animals and set up an appointment for Hubbard to do a cost estimate for the materials.

Families also can contact Hubbard through the Fix it Forward Facebook group.