Legacy C.N.A. Training start program to bring more healthcare workers to the front lines

Published: Mar. 29, 2020 at 9:15 PM EDT
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There is a growing need for healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

16 News Now learned about Legacy C.N.A.'s new training program happening at Mishawaka High School that aims to put more workers on the front lines.

In response to the high demand for healthcare workers, Legacy C.N.A. Training is starting their new personal care attendant training in the same building they hosted their C.N.A.course last fall.

"Our owner of Legacy C.N.A.Training decided that this needed to be given our utmost attention for the community and offer this training for free to get healthcare workers out there to assist these C.N.A.'s, these nurses--to offset the need out there," said Legacy C.N.A.Training Program Director Sue McPherren.

While training for C.N.A.'s typically takes three weeks, the course to train P.C.A.'s will take only a fraction of the time.

"It's a certified nursing assistant course shrunk down into a day and a half. So the first day, we'll instruct and lecture and then the second day we demonstrate procedures," McPherren said.

People interested in the training need no prior experience as long as their older than 18.

"For those individuals that are displaced, who no longer have jobs like people who worked in restaurants, or think of all the people who have worked at the mall or places like that--they could actually come take our course for free. They can get into the medical profession in under 48 hours of taking the course and get a job," McPherren said.

P.C.A.'s will do things like getting patients up in the morning, bathing and toileting, serving meals and taking temperatures.

Once the pandemic passes, they'll have a head start toward being a C.N.A.

"This is just a temporary order until things die down with the coronavirus. Once that happens, these individuals that become P.C.A.'s can come back to us and get their credentials for the certified nursing assistant license," McPherren said.

Calling on the community to join the fight against COVID-19 from the front lines.


​ ​to get started signing up for the P.C.A. course.