Lawsuit dismissed over 2012 death of man in South Bend police custody

Michael Anderson
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) A lawsuit filed over the 2012 death of a man in police custody in South Bend has been dismissed.

The wrongful death lawsuit against nearly 30 St. Joseph County and South Bend departments and employees, including 15 city police officers, was recently dismissed at the request of the plaintiffs. Law enforcement officials had argued that they weren't responsible.

A witness reported seeing 31-year-old Michael Anderson of South Bend put something in his mouth before he fell while fleeing officers. He died later. A forensic pathologist ruled Anderson's death accidental from swallowing two bags of drugs that choked him.

The man's family had said officers never should have chased him. Police were investigating a stolen moped report at the time.

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11/9/2017 11:51:30 AM (GMT -5:00)