La Porte firefighter/EMT awarded for saving lives during Costa Rican honeymoon

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La PORTE, Ind. (WNDU) - “At this time, I would like to present, for service beyond the call of duty, the Bravo Zulu award to firefighter Adam Post," La Porte Mayor Mark Krentz said during the Board of Public Works & Safety meeting on Jan. 8.

The award Krentz presented was a recognition for a La Porte firefighter who followed his instincts while on a December vacation to paradise.

“There was so many different things. We went zip lining and white water rafting and horseback riding," said Post, a La Porte firefighter/EMT.

Adam and his wife, Carmen, spent their weeklong honeymoon in Costa Rica.

“It was an amazing place to visit," he said.

They’d traveled to different places, saw crocodiles and the beauty of nature. But midway through their trip, things took a turn.

“It was about dusk. I heard the driver exclaim something along the lines of, ‘Oh, no'," he explained.

On the way to their next destination, they came across a horrific scene.

“I happened to see just bodies, pretty much scattered on the roadway," Post recalled.

A motorcyclist lost control of his bike and plowed into a group of pedestrians. The couple hopped out of their travel van to help. Adam used what Spanish he knew to talk to local paramedics and victims.

“There was a walking wounded adult, there was another adult male, another adult female, and then three children. The children were all under the age of 7," he said. “One of the children had at least two fractures on their leg; one of the other children had skull lacerations.”

Back at home, Adam’s bravery was noted. His fire chief asked the mayor to consider a commendation.

“Everyone in the city of La Porte, if they can take that to wherever they are, that passion and that caring for other people, it just makes me super proud," Krentz said.

“I like to think that any one of us would have done the same thing, but it just kicks in. It’s not really something you think about it’s just go time," Post said.

Thankful for his award, Adam said he did what was natural. He hopes his story inspires people to be more compassionate to each other.

Though he tried, Adam said he never found out what happened to the victims.

Krentz told NewsCenter 16 the Bravo Zulu award Post received was created by former La Porte Mayor Blair Milo, based on her time in the U.S. Navy. In the Navy, Bravo Zulu means “Well Done.”