LaPorte couple uses road trash to send a message to drivers

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 3:32 PM EDT
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One LaPorte couple says they've had enough of having to pick up after others.

When you're driving down any type of county road, you're bound to see trash all along the side. But along 250 East in LaPorte, a lot of that trash ends up in the Miller's yard, in one of 34 trash bags they have in the front of their lawn.

"When you look at 35 bags of trash in a mile and a half, that's totally uncalled for," Steve Miller said. "People need to be aware of this much trashing going on."

The majority of the trash consists of drink containers like water bottles and beer cans.

For the past 20 years, the couple's cleaned up the roads around them, but it's not going away.

"I picked up 2 years ago and I got two thirds of the trash of what I've got this year," Steve Miller said. "So it's increased by 33 percent in two years time. So it's got to come to a halt."

To bring attention, they put a message out on display. The bags spell out "Road trash picked up this wk 250 E" to let drivers know how big the problem is for just one road.

"Just because it's at the edge of the road, it doesn't mean that we're not responsible for cleaning it up," Steve Miller said. "Somebody's got to do it and there's not enough tax dollars to go around to cover this kind of stuff."

The Millers are both in their early 70's and say they can't do this forever, but they also say it shouldn't be up to them to make sure the area looks nice.

"For me to pick up someone else's trash when they can take it home and put it in their own trash can, the county is just getting so trashed," Jennifer Miller said. "It's awful!"

The Millers say it's not just their yard, but the entire county that's affected if this keeps up.

"This stunts our community," Steve Miller said. "This is not what LaPorte represents. It doesn't stand for that. We want to have other people move into our community, which you can't encourage to do that if you're allowing this kind of pollution to go on, the contamination of a road."

The Millers say the message will continue to be in their yard until Thursday, when Solid Waste District of LaPorte County is set to pick up the bags.

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