LaGrange County issues face mask mandate after cases spike

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 5:42 PM EDT
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While this county might not have the most cases, LaGrange County counted roughly 80% of their confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 3 weeks.

There were only 62 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in LaGrange County on memorial day.

Now they're up to 294.

That's nearly five-times the amount of cases they had three weeks ago.

The LaGrange County Health Department is responding by issuing a mandate to wear face masks.

This means face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn in

-An indoor area open to the public, including public transportation and including van transports.

-An outdoor public area where a distance of 6-feet from individuals outside their household cannot be maintained; or

-A private indoor or outdoor area where a distance of 6-feet from individuals outside their household cannot be maintained.

A spokesperson with the LaGrange County Health Department tells us the increase could be linked to gatherings in Amish communities.

"We have seen a lot of Amish gatherings. We have a large Amish community. We know that a lot of Amish are having church services and weddings. Things like that, big gatherings," said LaGrange County Health Department Nursing Services Director Alicia Milliman.

The LaGrange County Health Department says with more cases, comes a larger need for testing.

"We did have a test site here in LaGrange County so our testing did increase. We're going to try and bring some testing back. Hospitals do testing and so do some other local physicians, and we are trying to get some help from the state to do some testing again as well,' Milliman said.